“He wouldn’t get a thing done without me”

– Rui’s coffee mug

Hi, I’m Rui Betencourt, a London-based writer, editor, and all-around language geek. If you need help with tricky word stuff in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, get in touch.


Where I’ve been

Before working with content full-time, I spent my early career with market-leading brands in the travel and health industries. There, I gained valuable insights into operations and customer service that I continue to call on now in my roles as a writer and editor.

At the moment, I work as a sub-editor for a media services company in East London. I’m also a freelance writer and résumé consultant. Oh, and a part-time English literature major because #TooMuchEspresso.


How I can help you

The shift pattern of my day job allows me to collaborate with clients and organizations on a variety of exciting projects across the content lifecycle.

You can talk to me about content writing, copywriting, editing, translations, and résumés and CVs.


Say hello

Email me at rui@ruibetencourt.com to discuss your current project or schedule a phone call.