5 ways to declutter your CV

5 Ways to Declutter Your CV

Since premiering at the start of the new year, Netflix’s Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has not only ‘sparked joy’, but a full-fledged organising craze around the world. But decluttering isn’t just for your home. In this article, I’m sharing five ways to declutter your CV and focus on content that is fit for purpose.

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This Story About a Radio DJ With an Audience of One Is All the Inspiration You Need for the New Year

My favorite news story of 2018 was about Deke Duncan, a radio-loving Englishman who set up his own station in the 1970s in a storage shed at the back of his garden. Called Radio 77, the show was broadcast exclusively to an audience of one: Duncan’s wife, Teresa, who’d listen in on Sundays from inside their home in Stevenage, a small Hertfordshire town. Continue Reading