5 ways to declutter your CV

5 Ways to Declutter Your CV

Since premiering at the start of the new year, Netflix’s Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has not only ‘sparked joy’, but a full-fledged organising craze around the world. But decluttering isn’t just for your home. In this article, I’m sharing five ways to declutter your CV and focus on content that is fit for purpose.

How to Use Your Dream Employer’s Own Branding to Make Your Résumé Stand Out

Companies invest a lot of money into coming up with their brand identity, and a large part of that is imagery: the logos, colors, typefaces, and other visual elements that are used to present their brand to the world and boost recognition among their customer base. Incorporating some of this into the résumé you submit for your dream job can help you use the company’s own branding to catch the recruiter’s eye… Continue Reading