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Holidays in Brazil

Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest, metropolises like Rio de Janeiro and quaint towns like Paraty on the ‘Green Coast’. Couples will find much to admire in the postcard-perfect city centres before catching sunsets at the beach, while the legendary sights of the Amazon and Iguazú Falls will capture the hearts of adventurers and families alike. Read more.

Meeru Island Resort and Spa

Meeru Island Resort and Spa is found on the island of Meerufenfushi, a 90-acre oasis situated less than an hour by speedboat from Malé International Airport. As Meerufenfushi’s sole resort, the top rated Meeru Island offers a world of choice set against a backdrop of paradisiacal natural settings. A luxurious selection of garden-view rooms, private bungalows and waterside villas makes it ideal for couples, families and adventurers alike. Read more.

News & Press Releases

Tropicfeel Raises $2M on Kickstarter for Its New All-Terrain Sneaker, the Ultimate Travel Shoe

Travel gear brand Tropicfeel turned to Kickstarter in 2018 to launch the Ultimate Travel Shoe, an-all terrain sneaker designed to be the only shoe you need to pack for your next adventure. Over 25,000 pledged support to bring the product to life. In April 2019, the brand made a successful comeback to Kickstarter with Canyon, a new and improved sneaker for travellers and explorers that has raised $2.3 million USD with another 25,000 backers. Read more.


Russian Crossover Band PSYRUS Goes Viral With Hacker-Themed Music Video “Hitcher,” Inspiring Namesake Video Game

Inspired by allegations of collusion between figures in the Trump campaign and Russian hackers to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election, St. Petersburg-based rock/EDM band PSYRUS have released a music video for their single, “Hitcher,” poking fun at both the now president as well as stereotypes of Russian culture. The viral clip caught the attention of game developers in Russia, who pooled their talents to create an accompanying video game. Read more.

LC Waikiki Furthers Its Global Social Responsibility Movement With LCW Sense App Launch in Russia

LC Waikiki, the global Turkish clothing brand, which carries out its activities with its “Everybody deserves to dress well” mission, has pioneered the use of its LCW Sense application, put into service for visually impaired individuals in its 36 stores in Russia. LC Waikiki is also aiming for the app to be available in the Middle East and North Africa. Read more.


Olives from Spain Returns to the USA With New Campaign, ‘Have an Olive Day,’ Delighting Attendees at Summer Fancy Food Show

Olives from Spain has launched “Have an Olive Day,” a new campaign for the US market. The campaign aims to encourage American consumers to “live every day as an olive day,” rediscovering the quality of Mediterranean olives and sharing in their versatility and variety. Read more.

Articles & Blogs

How to Deal With Rejection During a Career Change

Dealing constructively with rejection is an important part of almost any job hunt, but especially when you’re making a career change. When you switch industries or take on a role that doesn’t quite fit with your previous experience, you have to be prepared for some pushback. Read more.


4 Interview Prep Tips for a Successful First Impression

You got your CV in front of the right person and they were obviously interested enough to get in touch. By the time they invite you in for a formal interview, you’ve already impressed at least some of the right people. All you need to do is stay on track. So, here are four tips to help you do just that. Read more.

5 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Navigate a Career Change

Changing careers involves a lot of adjusting. You may feel a little lost along the way. You might even have moments when you think it’d be better to throw in the towel. Don’t give up! Dig deep for motivation, never forget why you started this journey, and keep going until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Read more.


3 Habits for Staying Motivated During a Career Change

As with any task worth putting your time and effort into, a key factor in making a successful career change is the way you approach it. Your daily practices can have an enormous impact on the shape your journey takes and the outcome it leads to. Below are 3 habits for staying motivated during a career change that you can put in place immediately and come back to if you feel self-doubt starting to take hold. Read more.