Makeover FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a résumé writing service?

Not quite – this is an editorial service. It means I, as a copy editor, work off the content you already have to “spruce it up.” I use your original résumé, plus your answers to a short questionnaire, to rewrite and rearrange the content, and then transfer it to a snazzy new design.  


How is this different from a traditional résumé service?

A traditional résumé writing package runs about £100 in the UK and very near that in the US. Usually, it involves a phone or video consultation with the writer and may be highly customized – for example, you might ask for a résumé written with a single role in mind.

That works great for some people, but not everyone needs it. Some of us are kind of in the middle – not quite happy with the résumé we have, but not looking to break the bank for an A-to-Z package we don’t need. That’s where my makeovers can help.


Do you change the text?

Of course. My makeovers are comprehensive and they cover both text and design in a four-step process. For more information, please return to the main page.


How do you treat my data?

Your privacy is important to me. All the information you provide is confidential, used solely for the purposes of your résumé makeover, and never passed onto third parties. I use a personal computer for all my work and communicate with my clients exclusively via my professional email address.

Once your makeover is complete and you’ve received your new résumé, I retain your details and files for 30 days in case you lose your résumé for any reason and need me to resend it.

After the 30-day mark, all files related to your makeover are deleted together with any email correspondence. This is to protect your privacy and to comply with the relevant regulations.

Please note this does mean that if you lose access to your new résumé and it’s been longer than thirty days since you received it, I won’t be able to resend it. You’ll only be able to get a new makeover by placing a new order.